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Environmental Responsibility

As an industry leader, we believe it is our responsibility to provide the safest and healthiest places for people to live, work, and thrive.

We are committed to creating environmentally friendly places, built for today and designed to last.

Marlet Sustainability Report 2022

At Marlet we are committed to our vision to ‘build thriving communities by creating healthy and sustainable places to live’. This is our first ESG report which outlines our progress to date as well as defining our roadmap towards our greater vision. Our themes, Building for the Environment, Building for Communities and Building Better collectively represents the result of our materiality assessment and our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). View the 2022 Sustainability Report here. 

ESG Policy

Marlet is committed to a policy of sustainable development. Our vision ‘to build thriving communities by creating healthy, sustainable places to live’ is at the core of everything we do.

As one of Ireland’s largest property developers it is our responsibility to lead our industry in sustainable practices by setting measurable targets, reporting on our progress, and driving innovation throughout our developments.

View our ESG Policy 

HPI Certification

Marlet is currently applying for HPI (Home Performance Index) certification across all our active residential schemes.

The Home Performance Index certification is based on verifiable indicators that are divided into five technical categories – Environment, Economic, Health and Wellbeing, Quality Assurance and Sustainable Location. It allows several levels of achievement based on good, better and best practice. The award of the certificate is based on the overall attainment across all categories.

HPI provides a high level of transparency with respect to ESG criteria driving lower investment risk. It is aligning with the EU Taxonomy considered important for investors and tailored to the Irish residential sector.

Level(s) Procurement Commitment

We recently signed the Level(s) Procurement Commitment. As part of this commitment, Marlet pledges to use some of the indicators of the EU framework Level(s) and incorporate them into procurement processes.

Level(s) is a framework of common indicators developed by the EU to be used throughout Europe to mainstream sustainable buildings.

Scope 1 & 2 Carbon Footprint Measurement

At Marlet we are committed to reaching Net Zero at a minimum timeline to that stated in the Paris agreement of 2050. We have begun our journey to achieving this by measuring our carbon footprint. We believe that the best pathway to this success is to understand our current footprint and baseline before we map out our road to Net Zero. For 2021, we succeeded in measuring our Scope 1 & 2 carbon footprints which can be found at this link. We understand that achieving net zero takes rigorous, immediate action and we are actively engaging with our stakeholders across the business to adopt new policies and procedures to reduce this.

As a developer, we are aware that a large part of our footprint is in our downstream scope 3 emissions and so in 2022 we have begun to measure these. Our full footprint (scope1, 2 and 3) will be reported on for 2022 and it is our ambition to publish and validate our pathway to net zero soon after.



Biodiversity loss is one of the major crises facing the world today. At Marlet we understand the part that we play ensuring that our city is biodiversity rich and a healthy place for nature and people to live together.  We do this by including green and blue roofs across our developments. We are also committed to continuously improving in this area and this year we have taken the additional step and signed up to the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s All Ireland Pollinator plan. In signing up to this we have committed to taking action to protecting all pollinators in our developments by

  • Including pollinator – friendly planting
  • Identifying large areas of our landscaping for reduced mowing and native wildflower meadows
  • Eliminating the use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Introducing bee hotels

We have also committed to mapping and reporting on our progress annually to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

For further information about this programme, please visit:

Engagement towards carbon neutrality

Our main goal is to reshape Dublin’s urban landscape by creating industry-leading and sustainable residential and commercial developments that last and become part of the city’s identity.

As one of Ireland’s biggest property developer, we believe it is our responsibility to lead the way, support and guide our contractors and partners to build the safest and most sustainable places.

Our combined actions can help transform Ireland’s built environment and reach our common goal to become a carbon neutral sector.

Investors in Diversity Accreditation

Marlet recently achieved an Investors in Diversity Accreditation.

Investors in Diversity Bronze affirms that the organisation has built a strong foundation to embed Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) across the operation and is equipped for the journey of becoming more equitable and inclusive. We look forward to supporting them as they continue on the path of progress.

Supported by Ibec, Investors in Diversity is Ireland’s premier D&I accreditation mark. The programme recognises existing efforts and supports the journey of continuous improvement by providing a structured framework to transform practices and culture.

Building on strong foundations

We are constantly challenging ourselves by running rigorous audits to identify opportunities to further improve our performances and minimise our carbon footprint.

We set ourselves ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions across our residential and commercial portfolio and divert waste from landfill by reusing and recycling materials during the construction process.

We work hand-in-hand with Ireland’s best architects and contractors and use cutting-edge design to ensure that our developments are at the very top of the our industry, and benchmark ourselves against international best practices.


Over 320,000 sq ft of our commercial portfolio have been certified LEED Gold or Platinum by the USGBC.

All our future office developments are targeting LEED Platinum certifications.

  • We commit to promote and request the use of Environmental Product Declarations on all our projects to stimulate the demand and drive more manufacturers to produce EPDs in Ireland.

  • By being an active member of the IGBC, we are working towards the transformation of Ireland’s construction and property sectors into a worldwide leader in sustainability and quality.

  • The Irish Centre for Diversity works in partnership with organisations across Ireland at all stages of the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) journey.

  • LEED is the leading program for green buildings and communities worldwide. All Marlet commercial developments have achieved LEED Gold or Platinum.

  • The Home Performance Index stamp of approval provides a robust and nationally tailored green home label, that is aligned with the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy.


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